How Capani Wardrobe Began

Capani Wardrobe is a local brand from Jakarta, selling high grade women fashion items ranging from handbags to purses made of 100% finest authentic leather. Established in 2020 where most businesses collapsed due to the pandemic Covid 19 Capani Wardrobe strived to make it through the hard times.

The idea of creating Capani Wardrobe departs from a woman who spent most of her life building career in business. Instead of fashion industry, her career revolves around marketing and technology which then inspired her to commence Capani Wardrobe.

In between meetings and phone calls, she pays a deep-rooted attention to fellow working women around her who happen to look fashionably attractive with their handbags even when they're covered in office attire.


Celebrate Yourself with Capani Wardrobe

From her extensive observation, she learns that besides women herselves, a handbag is something that goes along with her taking steps to success. With that in mind, Capani Wardrobe aspires to be women's go-to supplementary where they can freely celebrate her winnings and express their love towards themselves before others.

Through their products, Capani Wardrobe showcases their belief that women should not be apologetic for their own success. When it comes to flying high reaching out their dreams, Capani Wardrobe wants women to be unstoppable.


Capani Wardrobe Gives Back

To love means to share, and that what inspires CAPANI to start an initiative in making the world a nicer place. Capani Wardrobe Gives Back is a program where products of your purchase will be donated to people in need.

The donation progress will be regularly updated on our blog and Instagram, just make sure you're a part of this lovely movement. Remember, a small act of kindness means bigger than you think it is.